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The Community Lacemaking Project




The community lacemaking project will be a single, large piece of lace to be exhibited in Sydney in mid 2024. It will measure at least three square metres.


A tapestry of small needle lace motifs, designed and pieced together by Maggie Hensel-Brown, but made by hundreds of others. 


Needle lace is a centuries old tradition whose practitioners are severely dwindling in numbers. The aim of this community project is to introduce the basic stitches of needle lace to a broad range of new lacemakers, work together in small community sewing groups, and create a single large physical piece. A visualisation of all of the hands and thoughts and moments that have gone into the stitches. 


IN PERSON: Maggie will be hosting a series of sewing circles. Stitchers will be introduced to the basic principals of needle lace, and will each produce a small motif to add to the overall piece. These circles will pop up between September 2023 and April 2024, mostly around NSW Australia, but also in other areas around Australia and overseas. You can be updated via the mailing list or on instagram on when and where these classes are happening.


ONLINE: For those unable to make it to any of the in-person sessions, there are digital instructions. Participants can gather materials, download a pattern, and stream a video lesson. They can then post the sampler to Maggie to be joined onto the tapestry. 

The video links are now live, and you are welcome to start stitching. Any samplers for the finished project will need to be sent to Maggie by March 15th. Video links and pdf instructions are linked below. 

All instruction, whether in-person or online, will be free for participants. Donations are gratefully accepted to go towards materials, venue hire, and travel between cities. Just $5.00 will cover all the materials costs per person. 


Click here for a full PDF instruction document.

Or download from Dropbox:

Click here to download the printable pattern to make your leaves.

Or download from Dropbox:

Contact Maggie for Postal details, questions, and updates on the project.

Thanks for submitting!

Donate to the Community Lacemaking Project

Your donation will go towards Materials, venue hire, and travel between cities. 


Thank you for your donation!

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