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Workshops are all currently being held online, although in-person classes will pop up from time to time around Australia. Watch this space and follow my instagram for details of those. But for now, here’s how the digital classes work:

You’ll be sent a lovely package with ALL the materials you will need. 

Then we will have a little interactive zoom meeting, introducing the course and answering any early questions you may have. 

Next, you’ll be sent a link to my instructional videos, and digital handouts. Slowly walking through EVERY STEP of the process. You’ll be able to pause, rewind, skip around, all the benefits of digital classes.

AND we’ll have three live sessions. In these, we’ll cover some additional stitches, plus Q&As and troubleshooting. You can also send me images of your work if you’re in a jam, and we’ll sort it out that way If you can’t make the live sessions. The times and dates for these sessions will depend on what time zones we’ll need to cover. (These will all be recorded anyway so attendance isn’t compulsory.) 

For more information and to book tickets:

What will you learn?

All the basics.

-How to set up a piece of needle lace

-A series of simple (and slightly less simple) ground stitches

-Borders, outlines, picots and buttonhole loops

Next class: 25th March 2023

Book tickets at:

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